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Jun 01 - Jul 31

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to participate in the reading program?

A: The program is FREE! There is no charge for participation.

Q: Where do I start?

A: Register or login to the reading program on the right side of this page and make sure your account is complete and up-to-date.

Q: How do I get points?

A: Sign-in to your account and log minutes that you have read to add points to your total score.

Q: What counts as reading?

A: Anytime you engage with literature and language, you are reading! This includes audiobooks, subtitles of a film, magazines, music, video games with text, books, and more. If you find words in your activity, you're reading!

Q: Who is the program for?

A: Everyone! All Ages can participate!

Q: Do I get prizes?

A: Yes! Everyone that participates receives prizes at various checkpoints!

Q: Is there a maximum amount that I can read in one day?

A: No! Read as much as you can. However, you can only log 200 minutes per day. Which means you will need more than one day to get more prizes. So log points every day!

Q: How do I pick up prizes?

A: Stop by the library when you get a message that you earned prizes and you can pick them up at the front desk.

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