How it Works:

Choose your record goal.
Register for an account.
Log in to your account, record your reading, and explore other ways to earn points. 

Put reading first,
with 20 minutes a day spent reading or being read to this summer:

Sign up the whole family for the summer reading program

Visit your local library again and again this summer. Ask your librarian for suggestions of great books to read yourself or to your young child. Once you register you will also have access to exciting, age appropriate reading lists made available by our librarians. 

Set a goal of reading 20 minutes every day. For very young children and struggling readers, that can be spread out through the day. 

Make reading fun all summer long! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate? 
Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children,and teens!  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caretaker sign them up and read to them.

Do I need a library card?
No. The program is for any child ages 0-17.

Can I switch programs?
No. Once you have registered to earn your record you are unable to change. Please choose wisely before you register. Consider your age, how much you will be doing this summer and the time needed to complete.

How long will it take to earn Multi-Platinum Status?
If you read 20 minutes a day, it will take you 60 days.

Can I count books that I read on my computer or e-reader? 
Of course! It’s all the same to us.

Does it only have to be library books?
You can read any book or material you would like from your home, school or the library. 

Can I count time that I spend reading to my kids? 
For sure! We love when you read to your kids!

Can I count audiobooks and eBooks? 
You bet!

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I don’t finish it?
Absolutely! Ten minutes is ten minutes.

Can I join the program after its official start date? 
You bet! And if you can remember any reading that you’ve done after the official start date, you’re welcome to go back and count that.

Can I count reading that I’ve done before the official start date? 
Actually, we do ask that you count only reading you’ve done within the official dates of the program.

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